The Build Process

Tuned Up Custom Rods are purpose built for the purpose driven angler. We have dedicated ourselves to mastering the craft of designing and building the highest quality custom fishing rods for every angling situation.

Each rod that we produce is hand built from the ground up at our shop in Coon Rapids, MN. Each build begins on one of our hand designed, proprietary rod blanks that are “Tuned” to each fishing application. Customers can specify exactly how long they want their rods to be, down to the fraction of an inch. We then custom fit the handle of your choice, and add the highest quality titanium Recoil guides to the rod. Each guide is hand wrapped in the color or colors of your choosing and then finished with slow curing epoxy to ensure a clear, clean finish for the life of your rod. Any rod can also be custom written on with a meaningful name or phrase of your choosing.

From start to finish, each rod will have dozens of hours of hand crafting built into it, ensuring that you will receive the very highest of quality and attention to detail. We want our rods to be legacy pieces; tools that you can use for years and years with pride and confidence.

If a problem arises with your rod, we have a 5 year “common sense” warranty. Simply send your rod to us, or bring it to the shop. We will inspect it, and if damage is the result of a defect, we will make it right. See our warranty page for more details.


The Build Process August 14, 2014