Family Fishing in Comfort

Most of my fishing is done alone. It is a peaceful, and reflective time for me. I have listened to dozens of books on Audible in my Otter, or out in the boat. But more and more, I find myself desiring to be with other people while fishing. There is something special about enjoying a hot bite with others or complaining about the slow times with someone besides yourself. I have a solid group of fishing buddies to rely on. More and more, however, I have wanted to find ways to get my kids and my wife involved in this sport that I love.

Recently, I reached out to TUCR Pro Staffer Nick Cox of Tonka Fishing. I figured the best way to get my family hooked, was to make sure they were comfortable. Nick guides on Lake Minnetonka all winter long in the genuine comfort of his Glacier Ice House. We booked an evening guide trip to align with a hot crappie bite that Nick has been on.

I arrived at the Glacier earlier than the rest of the family to get things set up, (plus they had play practice – hence the face paint.) Having never fished in a wheel house before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I met Nick at the boat launch, and he led me out to the spot. Entering the Glacier, I was met with warm, clean scented air. And the familiar tones of classic rock. Snacks were laid out, bait was prepared, the floors were spotless, and the seating was plentiful and comfortable. I knew I had the perfect place to bring the family.

We were situated in a popular spot, with many houses in the area, yet Nick had positioned his house just slightly off the main community hole. He explained that this area produced consistently day and night, because it wasn’t in the main cluster of people. Dropping my transducer down the hole proved Nick was on to something. I had marks from the bottom of 20ft all the way up to 5 feet under the ice.

Soon my family arrived. The kids were enthralled with the Glacier. Patient Nick was bombarded with a thousand questions, which he answered in stride. The kids found (and opened) every cubby in the place. In a short time, Nick had them all set up and fishing. He had enough flashers, rods, and reels for everyone. And somehow, amid the chaos, he was able to start a frozen pizza in the oven.

It wasn’t long until the fish stated coming up the holes. My oldest, Keira, had the hot hole and totally out fished me. Everyone got in on the action, which was non-stop. Once the pizza had cooled enough to eat, we turned on a DVD and sat back eating, and watching, and occasionally fishing. This was exactly the way I had hoped it would be. Everyone was having fun, everyone was comfortable, and we were making a memory as a family.

Nick stayed with us the whole time. He made sure the kids’ hooks were baited, he helped bring fish through the hole, he cooked, he shared stories, and he made my kids feel comfortable. A better host, you couldn’t ask for. There is tranquility and peace in fishing alone, but there is joy and memories in fishing as a family. Thank you, Nick, for giving us that chance.

Tight Lines,

Dan Baker

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