Flipping Heavy Cover for Bass by Garrett Haglin

It’s that time of the year again! The fall bite is on, and the largemouth are hungry.

Largemouth bass often take to deeper waters as water temperatures change where the water temps are most consistent, however, when the warm sun is shining and the panfish inhabit the shallows, so do the bass. Like other species, the largemouth are on the prowl for food and look to bulk up for winter, so look too tall standing weed lines or pencil weeds for largemouth in the fall. Bluegill-patterned baits are a common color presentation in the fall as bluegill is a common forage for largemouth. In dirty or stained waters or heavy cloud-covered days, darker presentations like black and blue flake are preferred. Natural colored baits in high light or clear and clean waters also go hand in hand.

Flipping and pitching a weedless jig is a great way to catch big bass in the fall as they come up to the shallows to feed on bluegill and bask in the sun. For these techniques, I prefer the 7’6″ Medium Heavy APEX Elite casting rod. The length of the rod gives me the leverage needed to pull out the fish from heavy coverage, and the action gives me the appropriate ‘spring in the fling’ as I call it. Instead of using an extra heavy or heavy action rod, essentially, I can use my load up my rod and use it as a spring to flip and pitch my baits into tight spaces. Bait placement is key to getting big bites!

The action of a rod is often referred to as the sensitivity of the rod, which isn’t necessarily accurate. The sensitivity of a fishing rod comes down to the type of blank used which pertains to the material used in the rod blank, reel seat, cork or foam used and the overall balance of the rod with the appropriate reel mounted. Like an over-engineered golf club for the perfect stroke, these minor yet crucial details are not to be overlooked when choosing your next fishing rod for the perfect hook set. For the techniques previously mentioned to catch big bass in the fall, the 7’6″ Medium Heavy APEX Elite casting rod by Tuned Up Custom Rods is my perfect fit, and I would highly recommend this product to any fisherman from novice to pro!

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