Part Time Employees – Full Time Passion

Every morning, the 49 employees of Tuned Up Custom Rods get up, get ready, and head out to face their day. But for 48 of those employees, Tuned Up Custom Rods is not their destination, at least not yet. That is because, of all the employees of Tuned Up Custom Rods, only one is full time. Every single other person has either a different full-time job, is a full time student, or is retired. Yet, they all choose to come into the shop on their evenings or weekends. For what? The simple truth is passion. Passion for the sport of fishing, and passion for the product that they get to make.

            If you were to stop by the Tuned Up Custom Rods shop in Coon Rapids, MN on any given night, you might meet a full time college student studying to be a dental hygienist, or another student finishing up a degree in biology. You might also meet one of the several local high school students working there. The person wrapping the rods might have spent the day operating a CNC milling machine, or guiding a group of customers chasing pike through the ice. The person building the handles for the rods spent their day doing a different type of building as a carpenter. The person finishing the rods is enjoying retirement from professional hockey. In fact, several of the people in the shop are retired. The person typing this blog spends his days as an elementary school teacher. But all of this comes down from the example set by our owners.

            Tuned Up Custom Rods is owned by brothers-in-law Adam Audette and John Burback. They set out 10 years ago with the mission to build the highest quality custom rods on the market. But they both spend their days at regular full time jobs. Why? Because they have made the conscious choice to invest back into the business. This has allowed Tuned Up Custom Rods to grow into the company it is today. It has also provided the opportunity for 49 other people to be involved in the business. Many of us came to the shop initially as customers, myself included. Together we make the most passionate “part time” employees, and “full time” enthusiasts. We are “Built for Fishermen and Women, by Fishermen and Women.”

Tight Lines,

Dan Baker

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  1. Well said!!! Couldn’t agree more. This is a great company that produces an amazing product. My favorite rods that are made.

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