Apex Elite Custom (Spinning)
Apex Elite Custom (Spinning)
Apex Elite Custom (Spinning)
Apex Elite Custom (Spinning)

Apex Elite Custom (Spinning)

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The APEX ELITE SERIES rod is our Flag Ship open water rod. Built on our stunning blue, proprietary, carbon fiber blanks. We have an APEX ELITE that excels in any fishing situation where a spinning rod is used. Our handles are made from top grade cork and offered in a custom designed split grip. Standard wrap colors are blue with dark silver metallic trim. Custom colors are available at no extra charge.

APEX Elite Rod Descriptions:

  • 6'8" - 7'2" Ultra-Light: The most sensitive and lightest panfish rod anywhere. Our Ultra-Light rod feature a fast action that transitions into a long, forgiving backbone. Ideal for panfish and walleye bobber fishing.
    • 7'2" UL Rod Weight: 3.63 ounces

  • 7'2" - 7'6" Medium-Light Fast: A master at rigging for walleye and perfect for drop-shotting bass. This Medium-Light has incredible sensitivity and a fast action tip that loads into a powerful backbone, perfect for battling trophy gamefish. This is also an excellent choice for bobber fishing.
    • 7'2" MLF Rod Weight: 3.70 ounces
    • 7'6" MLF Rod Weight: 3.99 ounces 

  • 6’8” Medium Extra-Fast: One rod to rule them all. Our 6’8” Medium Extra-Fast rod is the perfect jack of all trades. It has the exceptional sensitivity needed to feel the smallest strikes. And the weight and balance to be comfortably fished all day. This rod excels for jig fishing, rigging, wacky rigging, ned rigging, and pretty much every other spinning rod application. The Extra-fast tip, transitions to a stout backbone that will let you land every fish with ease.
    • 6'8" MXF Rod Weight: 3.67 ounces

** This is a Custom Built product. It will take 4-5 weeks to build **

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