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Named after the AIM 9 Sidewinder missile used by the US Navy and Air Force, this grub bait is streamlined and features quick darting motions when jigged.

This bait has two arms halfway up the shaft and two coming out the bottom that provide excellent action that attracts fish. This bait is very effective during both open and hard water seasons. Vertically jig this bait or slowly work it back towards the boat for best results. Target species include bluegill, crappie, and perch. 

8 per pack
1.5" long

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3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

If your rod becomes unusable due to breakage, warping, handle issues, or other reasons, you may be covered by the Tuned Up Custom Rods Three-Year Common-Sense Warranty.

3 Year No Questions Asked Accidental Breakage Warranty

Accidents happen. We want to get you back out as soon as possible. If your rod is unusable due to an accidental breakage it can be replaced with an equal rod for a $50 flat fee ($75 for open water rods).

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