TUCR APEX ELITE SERIES 6’8″ Medium, Extra Fast Action

TUCR APEX ELITE SERIES 6’8″ Medium, Extra Fast Action


6’8″ Medium, Extra-Fast
3/16 – 1/2 ounce baits
6-14 pound Mono-filament

Custom Colors

Use this box to choose custom wrap colors for your rod. If left blank, rods will be wrapped in standard colors. When choosing custom colors pick one color for the main color and one color for the trim color. Please refer to the Choose the Right Rod/Custom Colors section under Shop Rods to choose your colors. Enter your choice as the Main Color Name and Number and Trim Color Name and Number E.G. Main Neon Yellow 122 Trim Pearl 9880


If you wish your name or a short phrase written on your rod, write it in the box below. Be sure of spelling, we will write what you like, within reason. Keep it classy! 20 Character Max

TUCR Decal

Add a TUCR Decal to your order

Handle Length

Choose to have either a 9″ or 10″ split. If left blank, the 9″ is the default.


The APEX ELITE SERIES rod is our Flag Ship open water rod. Built on our stunning blue, proprietary, carbon fiber blanks, the APEX ELITE excels in any fishing situation where a spinning rod is used. The Medium power backbone and extra-fast action tip allows for maximum sensitivity and control. Our handles are made from top grade cork offered in custom designed split grip. Standard wrap colors are blue with dark silver metallic trim. Custom colors are available at no extra charge.


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