TUCR Deadstick Ice Rod

TUCR Deadstick Ice Rod

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Available in stock sizes:

  • 30″
  • 32”
  • 36” recommended hole hopping rod
  • All rods are built with Recoil guides
  • Custom lengths up to 36”
  • Split grip option available
  • Standard TU blue guide wraps
  • Call for custom color wraps
  • NEW Lighter High Density EVA handle

*****Please allow 4-5 weeks.*****

Rod Length *

Choose a rod length

Handle Material *

Choose High Grade Cork or EVA foam

Handle Type *

Choose a straight handle or split grip option for $10 additional charge. Available in both cork and EVA

Custom Colors

Use this box to choose custom wrap colors for your rod. If left blank, rods will be wrapped in standard colors. When choosing custom colors pick one color for the main color and one color for the trim color. Please refer to the Choose the Right Rod/Custom Colors section under Shop Rods to choose your colors. Enter your choice as the Main Color Name and Number and Trim Color Name and Number E.G. Main Neon Yellow 122 Trim Pearl 9880


If you wish your name or a short phrase written on your rod, write it in the box below. Be sure of spelling, we will write what you like, within reason. Keep it classy! 20 Character Max

Cold Snap Reel Bands

Add on 4 Cold Snap Reel Bands to your order. Used to secure the reel to the rod handle. Will come installed on the handle. Color Choice: White, Blue, and Orange.

TUCR Decal

Add a TUCR decal to your order.

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Bobber watching is a thing of the past with the Dead Stick. Built on a black, solid fiberglass blank with a slow action, extra-long Hy-Vis orange tip. This rod is deigned to visibly show the fish biting your bait without them feeling the rod. The slow action transfers into a stout backbone that allows a solid hookset and the power to fight large game fish through the hole. Standard wrap colors are blue with Hi-Vis orange on the tip. Available in lengths from 30”-36”. Choose from EVA foam or high-grade cork handle in straight or split grip. Custom wrap colors available.

*****Please allow 4 -5 weeks before shipping a stock or custom order.*****

Pro Wrap Metallic

2 reviews for TUCR Deadstick Ice Rod

  1. Nathaniel Garrels (verified owner)

    I own 2 of them at 36″ with custom black wraps, I use it 50/50 with Ifish Pro tip-ups while I wait for the line to get tight while blank bends as no resistant as fish swim away and give me flawless hookset and as Deadstick as name implies with combination of Okuma Baitfeeders. Nothing can best this rod at all. Ever.

  2. Gabe Roepke

    Great rod for the deadstick part of fishing. It is right in the name of the rod. It is a very lethal rod that can handle the biggest walleyes or pike all the way down to the little 5″ crappies that are always down there messing around with your bait. This is a great rod and I’d recommend it to anyone who is in need of a deadstick rod.

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