TUCR Precision Noodle Ice Rod


TUCR Precision Noodle Ice Rod

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Available in stock or custom sizes:

  • 28”-36″
  • Black blank
  • Call for custom color wraps

*****Please allow 4-5 weeks.*****

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The ultimate rod for bite detection, the Precision Noodle is perfect for the lightest baits and the lightest biters. Built on a solid fiberglass blank, with an extra long Hi-Viz green tip, you will see every bite long before the fish feels you. A quick, noodle tip transitions into a strong backbone, helping you drive home the hookset, and battle the potential bigger “bonus” catches. Available in lengths from 28”-36” with black or white blank color. Choose a high-grade cork handle or EVA foam in straight or split grip. Standard guide wrap colors are blue with Hi-Viz green on tip. Custom wrap colors available.

*****Please allow 4 -5 weeks before shipping a stock or custom order.*****

Pro Wrap Metallic

5 reviews for TUCR Precision Noodle Ice Rod

  1. Austin Bartz

    Great Rod. Without a doubt the best rod I have ever owned. It is really lightweight and sensitive. After buying this rod you will never want to go back to any other brand. Highly Recommend!

  2. brian

    Got a custom build PN 5″ cork handle 30″ length with orange wrap on the last two guides. Couldn’t be happier with final product. Can’t say enough about the outstanding Customer service. Got out to fish with it and was not disappointed. Light, balanced, and great hook setting power The tip visually tells YOU when getting a bite, NOT the fish. Get your own PN custom from TUCR and find out for yourself.

  3. Nicholas E

    Purchased my first 30″ Precision Noodle at the 2014 ice fishing expo. After taking this rod out the first time i will honestly say pretty soon TUCR will be the only brand in the arsenal. i was not only very impressed with the ability to detect the bite but the awesome staff i was able to talk to at the expo. If you purchase any TUCR you will not be disappointed.

  4. kelly (verified owner)

    buck mulvaney 3-15-18 Well guys I am 63 yrs old and retired. Live on ice and believe me have fished with all sorts of rods. Ordered a 36″ Precision Noodle and I am impressed. Fished Bluegills,Crappies, and caught a fair share of walleyes from 10″-22″ and handled them with ease. Tip on the PN so sensitive. Shows all the tricks that blues, and crappies try to fool yeah with. TY TUCR will be ordering another come this fall, TY again recommend you highly, great success with your product it is awesome.

  5. Isaac Organ

    They are so awesome rods to fish with

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