The Build Process- How We Make Our Rods

When people first start looking at getting into the custom rod market, they can feel overwhelmed with the options available, and with the build times. In this blog we will look at just what goes into creating the Ultimate in custom rods. 


Step One – Placing the Order: 

Every rod that we produce at TUCR, whether it be a rod for an individual buyer, a Pro Staff Member, or a retailer, begins with an order. Most individual buyers will place their order through one of our sales staff, by visiting our shop in Coon Rapids, MN, or through our website. When ordering, you will have the ability to decide which rod, rod length, handle material (cork or EVA foam), handle type (split or straight grip), wrap color, and personalization you’d like. All of these options are included in the price of the rod.  


Step Two – Prepping the Blanks and Guides: 

After completing the ordering process, we get to work building your rod. We start by prepping the rod blank and the guides. Your rod blank will be trimmed to the exact length that you ordered, and your recoil guides will be ground down to ensure they can be wrapped perfectly.



Step Three – Constructing the Handle: 

After your blank is prepped, we begin shaping your handle for a perfect fit. We use several reaming tools of increasing diameter to gradually expand the center hole of the handles to create a perfect fit. This tedious and messy process is essential to ensure that the handle is structurally sound.  


Step 4 – Handle Gluing: 

After your handle has been fitted, we glue it in place using a slow setting glue. This allows for a proper handle set. Your rod will need to be left to dry for 24 hours. 



Step 5 – Guide Placement: 

The location of the guides on any rod is crucial for the action of that rod. Improperly spaced guides will negatively effect the performance of the rod. Your rod will be placed on this custom-made guide jig, that will let us perfectly space your guides no matter the length of rod you order.  


Step 6 – Rod Wrapping: 

This is where your rod will get its colors and personality. By using a special rod spinner and thread carriage, our craftsmen will wrap the colors you chose onto your rod. Wrapping a rod is necessary to keep your guides permanently in place. High quality wrapping is a hallmark of TUCR.  


Step 7 – Rod Prepping: 

Once your wrapping is complete, your rod will look like a real fishing rod, but it is still not finished. The next step is prepping your rod for finishing. In this step we ensure that all wraps are perfect. And we make minuet adjustments to guide alignment. This process really sets custom rods apart from mass produced rods. Each individual rod is hand tuned to perfection. 


Step 8 – Labeling and Personalization: 

Here, your rod is tagged with the famous TUCR label, and any personalization you requested is hand written onto the rod blank. This is high stakes work. One mistake here means scrapping the rod and beginning all over again.  


Step 9 – Finishing: 

This is arguably the most critical part of the build. (Don’t tell the wrappers.) Your rod will be hand finished using slow cure epoxy. This slow curing action produces a crystal clear finish that is smooth and hard and won’t yellow or cloud in the future. Your rod will be finished on our custom spinning rigs. These rigs allow us to finish large quantities while still being fully hand done. Your rod will spin on the dryer for 24 hours until fully dried.  



Step 10 – Stamping: 

After your rod is finished, we burn our famous fish logo into the butt cap, marking it as a completed Tuned Up Custom Rod. 


Step 11 – Delivery:  

After the whole build process is complete, your order will be packaged and shipped out to you. Or if you prefer, you can come to our shop and pick it up (and see the operation.)  


Final Thoughts: 

As you can see, building a Tuned Up Custom Rod is a lengthy and delicate process. From ordering to delivering, your rod will be worked on by many different, skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality custom rods possible. This process takes time and dedication. We are so thankful for everyone who chooses to trust us with your rod investment.  



Tuned Up Custom Rods 

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