True Custom- The Double

Tuned Up Custom Rods is a true custom rod builder. We are able to take your ideas and put them into design and execution. Below we have a story of true rod customization from Chris Harer, the Manager of Rod Wrapping at Tuned Up Custom Rods and a true perfectionist. Remember Tuned Up Custom Rods for any and all of your custom rod ideas and needs,


My buddy Tim has been bird hunting for over 50 years, and among this time he has never shot a double before.. Meaning kill two birds with one shot. Well Tim and I went out one weekend and I was his driver/ watchdog. While cruising the trails I was able to sneak up on some birds. Tim was able to get off one shot. When I got to him he was all giddy and super excited like a kid given the chance to grab whatever he wanted in a candy/toy store. I didn’t understand why he was so excited until he shouted “It was a double!” Now, Tim is 62 and to see him jump for joy was something special because he is a very humble, calm guy. Well I grabbed the shotgun casing and put it in my pocket. He was in the market for a Tuned Up Custom Rods Bullwhip. I knew this would be perfect for him.  So I decided to drill out the bottom piece of cork, trim the casing down to correct thickness and carefully fit it in the back of the handle. Plus I added some extra jazz on the wrapping of the rod and included the date when it happened and the word “Double.” He had no idea I was doing this. When I gave him the rod, He was speechless; first time I’ve ever seen him like that. And I’ve known Tim for over 9 years. I’m like their adopted child since they have no children so this meant a lot to me as well.. He is excited to try out his new rod with the special memento that he will have for many many years to come… He will never forget this memory.


Chris Harer

Manager of Rod Wrapping

Tuned Up Custom Rods.