Walleye Bacon Bites


–        Canned Water Chestnuts

–        Thin Cut Bacon

–        Walleye Fillets

–        Your favorite BBQ Sauce

–        Toothpicks


–        Preheat oven to 400F

–        If the fillets are frozen let them thaw out overnight.

–        Remove any of the freezer burned meat.

–        Soak toothpicks

–        Cut the belly portion of the fillet off. Proceed to make 2 thin strips

–        Cut the backstrap of in half to form long thin strips.

–        Cut water chestnuts in half.

–        Cut the bacon in half


         Place a slice of the fillet on the bacon strip and a water chestnut on top of that. Rolled it together and stick a toothpick through it. When wrapping the meat around the water chestnut it should only wrap around once and overlap enough for the toothpick to hold it together. Put a very light amount of your favorite BBQ sauce on both sides of the bites. Place on a pan with tinfoil into the preheated oven. Cook for 10 minutes on both sides.


Side notes:

This recipe does not have to be done just with walleye. I like to also cook it with Crappies or Perch. The water chestnuts are not necessary. I enjoy them for the crunch they add to the bites.

If you use thicker bacon and more BBQ sauce it will help cover up the taste of the fish when introducing someone to eating fish.

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