Five Year Common Sense Warranty

Your rod will last many years if taken care of properly.  We recommend a rod sock or rod bag/box to protect your fishing rod from accidental damage.  Our “Five Year Common Sense Warranty” covers wrappings, guides and handle, but does not cover misuse, abuse or neglect.  Tuned Up Custom Rods will inspect the damaged rod to determine the nature of the defect in workmanship and/or materials.  For covered warranty repairs, you must not modify the rod once broken and have ALL the original parts.



Tuned Up Custom Rods is a limited liability company, and reserves the right to base final findings on the experience of our staff.  Warranties described herein shall be the sole and exclusive warranties granted by Tuned Up Custom Rods.  Replacement value may not exceed the original purchase price of the rod.  Warranty is only valid when fishing rod is used as manufacturer intends.  Neglect by owner is described as failing to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance and care to the fishing rod.  Products are warranted for five (5) years from the date of original retail purchase.  Tuned Up Custom Rods shall in no way be liable, or in any other way responsible, for any incidental or consequential personal or property damage.  Tuned Up Custom Rods reserves the right to amend or change the “Five Year Common Sense Warranty” at any time.


For warranty returns, please complete the rod warranty form and return broken rod for further evaluation.

Click here for form: TUCR Rod Warranty Form 2018

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Warranty August 14, 2014