Ice Rod Showdown: Tuned Up Custom Rods' Precision vs. Power Precision

A Guide to Choosing: Tuned Up Custom Rods

Precision vs. Power Precision

When it comes to ice fishing rods for walleye, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your success on the ice. One crucial component of any ice angler's arsenal is a top-quality ice fishing rod. Tuned Up Custom Rods boasts the industry leading line-up of rod models. In this blog series, we will compare two models to help you choose the perfect rod for your ice fishing adventures.

Tuned Up Custom Rods Precision

The Tuned Up Custom Rods Precision is renowned for its responsiveness and sensitivity, making it an excellent ice fishing gear choice for anglers who plan to target eater sized walleye and trophy perch. Let's take a closer look at its features and benefits:

Key Features:

  • Sensitive and Responsive: The Precision is highly sensitive and responsive, allowing anglers to detect even the slightest nibbles and movements under the ice. This makes it easier to feel when a fish is biting, improving your hookset success rate.
  • Fast Action/Medium-Light Power: This ice rod offers a fast action that's ideal for small to medium sized spoon fishing techniques. The fast action allows for quick hook-ups and consistent hooksets. The medium-light power is ideal for eater sized walleye and trophy perch but won’t be overwhelmed by larger game fish.

Ideal Angler:

The Precision is a perfect fit for anglers who prefer spoon fishing techniques, possess a discerning touch, and want a rod that provides exceptional sensitivity without compromising on strength.

Tuned Up Custom Rods Power Precision

On the other hand, the Tuned Up Custom Rods Power Precision is a walleye rod designed for those anglers seeking a more robust and powerful ice fishing experience. Let's delve into the notable features and advantages of this model:

Key Features:

  • Strong and Powerful: Like the name implies, the Power Precision is a more powerful version of our Precision. Making it better suited to bigger fish and bigger lures.

  • Fast Action/Medium Power: With the same action as the Precision, you get all the same benefits. But the stronger, medium power, makes this ideal for larger spoons and the super popular minnow profile baits like Rippin Shads and Rippin Raps.

Ideal Angler:

The Power Precision is an ice rod best suited for anglers who prefer a more aggressive and powerful approach to ice fishing, particularly those targeting larger fish species and using heavier tackle.


  • Premium Components: Both the Precision and the Power Precision are hand built on the highest quality components, including premium cork or high strength EVA handles, titanium REC Recoil Ice guides, and proprietary solid carbon-fiber blanks. The result is supreme overall durability and ideal performance of both rods. Both ice rods are available in a variety of lengths from 28 inches for inside the shelter up to 36 inches for fishing outside.
  • True Custom/Minnesota Made: All Tuned Up Custom Rods are produced by hand in our company shop in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Each rod is available to be fully customized to your specification, or you can choose a premade rod in our best-selling specs.


In conclusion, choosing between the Tuned Up Custom Rods Precision and Power Precision depends on your fishing style, preferences, and target species. If responsiveness and sensitivity are paramount for your ice fishing adventures, the Precision would be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you're after power and the ability to handle larger fish, the Power Precision would be your ideal companion on the ice. Or opt for both to cover all your walleye ice fishing rod bases. Whatever your preference, Tuned Up Custom Rods offers top-quality rods to elevate your ice fishing game. Happy fishing!

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