Power Precision


Engineered to strike a perfect balance between raw power and heightened sensitivity, every drop becomes a confident pursuit with the Power Precision.
the precision

ice fishing's

The only rod you'll ever need for light spoons. Conquer every challenge from jumbo perch to walleyes
the precision noodle


Experience the unmatched sensitivity and visual bite detection of the Precision Noodle and never miss a bite again.

Build your own custom ice rod

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detect the lightest bites

Now you can choose to use the Fusion as a traditional "feel" rod, or use the ultra sensitive Ice Strong Outdoors spring bobber to visually see the lightest bites on the smallest baits.

Why choose us?

Every Tuned Up Custom Rod is crafted with hours of dedicated work, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail in each piece.

the icemen: a podcast

Check out our Podcast to learn tips and tricks from people all over the industry, and talk about fishing and anything else outdoors. Hosted by John Burback, CEO of Tuned Up Custom Rods and Dan Baker, Tuned Up Custom Rods webmaster.

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