The Tuned Up Custom Rods Fusion: The Master of Multi-Tasking

 When it comes to ice fishing, success often hinges on using the right gear at the right time. The Tuned Up Custom Rods Fusion, a top-tier custom ice rod, epitomizes versatility and is adept at handling a variety of ice fishing scenarios. This blog explores the innovative design of the Fusion and why it stands out as one of the most adaptable custom fishing rods for any ice fishing excursion.


Non-Spring Bobber:

Originally created to bridge the gap between the Bullwhip Noodle Rod and the more robust Precision walleye rod in the Tuned Up Custom Rods lineup, the Fusion features a unique slow action and sensitive tip, making it ideal for pursuing aggressive panfish and smaller walleyes. This custom ice fishing rod allows anglers to use small, vigorous spoons for crappies, mitigating the risk of tearing through their delicate mouths. Beyond its slower action, the Fusion boasts a light yet robust backbone, adept for handling both panfish and smaller walleye.

Integrated Spring Bobber:

A recent addition to the Fusion series is the option of two different integral Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobbers. After extensive feedback from our customers, we partnered with Ice Strong to integrate their non-freezing, non-kinking titanium springs into our rods.

    The 32” Fusion offers two spring bobber variations:

    This integration only builds on the Fusion's incredible action and backbone, adding unparalleled sensitivity and bite detection. Whether you’re using the spring bobber for the ultimate finesse in ice fishing or opting for heavier baits, the Fusion adapts effortlessly. Simply thread your line through the spring bobber when you want the ultimate in finesse, or thread through the top eyelet and skip the spring bobber to fish with heavier and more aggressive baits, like spoons.


    The Tuned Up Custom Rods Fusion really shines in 3 main areas: Aggressive Panfish, Negative Walleye, and Finesse Panfish. Let’s break these areas down.


    Aggressive Panfish:

    After drilling your initial holes and deploying the transducer of your preferred electronics, you're greeted by the exciting sight of suspended marks on the screen. Expert panfish anglers often suggest first targeting the most aggressive fish in the school. A highly effective strategy for this is utilizing vigorous spoon-style baits, tipped with plastics, larva, or minnow heads. The Fusion's design, featuring a sufficiently stiff tip, is perfect for executing the vigorous jigging these baits demand. Position your spoon slightly above the school's highest mark and jig aggressively. Typically, the fish will ascend towards the spoon, and when you feel a bite, the Fusion's optimal design makes it ideal for hooking crappies, known for their delicate "paper mouths." The rod's moderate action allows for a firm hookset without excessive force, preventing damage to the fish. Should you notice a decline in the fish's response to this aggressive technique, it's time to switch tactics, perhaps to a more subtle approach like a tungsten jig.

    Negative Walleye:

    While the Fusion isn't specifically crafted as a dedicated walleye rod, there are occasions where it becomes the ideal choice for walleye fishing, especially when these fish exhibit neutral or less active behaviors. In winter, walleyes often show a reduced appetite, particularly following a strong cold front or outside their typical feeding times. In such scenarios, opting for smaller spoons and baits can turn the tide from merely observing fish on your sonar to actually filling your bucket. The Fusion stands out with its lighter tip and more moderate action compared to specialized walleye rods like the Precision or the Commander. This makes fishing smaller spoons easier with the Fusion and allows you to slow down your jigging cadence to match the mood of the fish.

    Finesse Panfish:

    The Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber addition to the Tuned Up Custom Rods Fusion significantly enhances its capability, especially for detecting subtle bites from neutral, mid-winter panfish. These fish, often barely nibbling during colder months, require a highly sensitive approach. The spring bobber's design offers exceptional sensitivity, making it easier to notice the faintest of bites that might otherwise go undetected. This heightened sensitivity becomes a crucial advantage in conditions where panfish are less active and their bites are extremely light.

    As highlighted throughout this blog, preparation is key to success in ice fishing. Targeting aggressive panfish, cautious walleyes, or delicate finicky panfish, the Tuned Up Custom Rods Fusion emerges as an ideal choice. Its remarkable versatility and functionality make it a go-to custom ice rod, often the only one needed to tackle a wide range of fishing scenarios. Experience the difference firsthand by choosing the Fusion for your next ice fishing adventure, and discover why it's a favored tool among seasoned anglers.

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