Power Precision

Power Precision

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***All New Redesign***

The All New Redesigned Power Precision finally lives up to the name that it bears. Now built on a totally new blank that features a smoother transition from tip to backbone. This ensures total control over a wide range of lures covering most spoons all the way up to medium sized minnow profile baits, such as #5 Rippn Raps. The new Power Precision is designed with enough "Power" to land your next trophy walleye and enough sensitivity to detect even the lightes cold front bites. Now featuring stunning Gold REC Recoil Ice guides and all black wraps. This rod stands out on the ice!

** If your item is not in stock, consider ordering it custom. **
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the power precision

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The Power Precision isn't just another rod; it's an angling masterpiece. Engineered to strike a perfect balance between raw power and heightened sensitivity, every drop becomes a confident pursuit. Its bold aesthetics, highlighted by Gold REC Recoil Ice guides against sleek black wraps, make it a standout on the ice.

Perfectly Balanced Power

With a smooth transition from fast tip to stout backbone, the Power Precision offers a duality of strength and finesse, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any fight, big or small.

Versatile Lure Compatibility

Transition effortlessly between lure types. Whether it's medium spoons or medium-sized minnow profile baits, this rod has the balance to work a wide variety of lures.

fast action

Experience the ultimate in sensitivity with a fast, light tip that detects even the slightest nibble, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

quality guaranteed

We stand behind the best ice fishing rods in the business with a 3 year warranty. If you have any problems with your rod, we will take care of you.

from the tuned up staff

The Power Precision has been my favorite walleye spoon rod for 13 years. I have them from 28" all the way up to 38" for inside and outside the house, and my clients absolutely love them.

Brad Hawthorne
Hawthorne's Guide Service

The Power Precision really shines when you want to really stick the hooks into a big fish when jigging a larger spoon or heavier bait.

Scott Mackner
330Maniac on Youtube

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