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Bobber watching is a thing of the past with the Dead Stick. Built on a black, solid fiberglass blank with a slow action, extra-long Hy-Vis orange tip. This rod is designed to visibly show the fish biting your bait without them feeling the rod. The slow action transfers into a stout backbone that allows a solid hookset and the power to fight large game fish through the hole.

the deadstick

leave your bobber at home.

Say goodbye to the days of bobber watching and step into the future with The Dead Stick. Elevate your angling with a rod specifically built to give you a visible bite advantage, allowing the fish to engage without detection. Designed with a slow action that seamlessly transforms into a robust backbone, this rod ensures every bite can be powerfully hooked and every fight is controlled.

Hi-Viz Orange Noodle Tip

With its high-visibility orange tip, The Dead Stick offers unmatched bite detection, ensuring you observe every nibble, every time, with absolute clarity.

Optimized for Live Bait

Whether it’s set in a rod holder or an IFishPro, The Dead Stick is your go-to companion for live bait rigs, elevating your success rate on everything from finicky walleyes to perch and crappie.

Slow Action, Stout Backbone

The slower action of this ice rod allows for fish to commit to baits before they feel any resistance. Once you're ready to set the hook, you'll encounter a stout backbone that can handle fish of any size.

The ultimate deadstick system

Pair it with an IFishPro 2.0 for the ultimate live bait fish catching system.

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quality guaranteed

We stand behind the best ice fishing rods in the business with a 3 year warranty. If you have any problems with your rod, we will take care of you.

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