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Custom Fusion

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One of our most versatile rods, the Fusion is at home with panfish and walleye anglers alike. Featuring a solid carbon fiber blank for extreme sensitivity and feel. The tip of this rod has a slower action than most of our rods. It transitions to the backbone more gradually, allowing the fish more time to get the bait into its mouth before the hookset. Once the backbone is reached, there is plenty of power to haul in your next wall mount.

*This is a custom order. Please allow 4-5 weeks from ordering to delivery*

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the Fusion

elevate your ice rod game

When versatility is paramount on the ice, the Fusion is your go-to ice rod. Crafted for anglers who require precision for panfish and robust resilience for walleye, this ice rod integrates top-notch performance with multifaceted capability. Its carbon fiber design ensures ultra-sensitive detection of the subtlest nibbles, while the moderate action offers a smooth progression to substantial backbone power. The Fusion isn't just part of your arsenal—it's the peak of it, sharpening your edge for every species that hits your line.

moderate action tip

The Fusion's carbon fiber tip is fine-tuned for anglers who rely on touch over sight, providing a sensitive feel for bites rather than visual cues. Its slower action affords anglers more time to respond and ensures fish have ample opportunity to fully take the bait.

multi-species favorite

As the bite changes, so do your tactics. That's where the Fusion shines. It's a versatile ice rod that handles various baits and techniques from tungsten to small spoons, making it the right choice for both panfish finesse and the assertive strikes of walleye.

Carbon fiber strength

This custom ice rod seamlessly integrates heightened sensitivity with robust strength. Its nuanced tip detects the slightest nibbles, while the solid backbone ensures you have the control to land both the light biters and the heavy hitters.

quality guaranteed

We stand behind the best ice fishing rods in the business with a 3 year warranty. If you have any problems with your rod, we will take care of you.

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