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Vulcan- The god of Fire.

The deep red translucent blank makes watching this rod fold over with the weight of a fish absolutely mesmerizing. Designed to target large predator fish with a medium-fast action fiberglass blank; featuring the new 2020 Oversized REC Recoil Ice Guides, the Vulcan is an essential weapon in every angler’s arsenal.

The Vulcan is perfectly at home jigging big spoons and tubes, or as a set rod paired with the iFishPro. No Walleye, Pike, or Lake Trout will stand a chance. Give them the beans and know they’ll stay pinned- the All-New Vulcan by Tuned Up Custom Rods.

Handle Type
the vulcan

the god of fire

Ignite the waters below with the Vulcan, your fierce adversary against the titans beneath the ice. This ice rod, meticulously crafted to target formidable predator fish, boasts a mesmerizing deep red, translucent fiberglass blank that gracefully manages headshakes and long runs. Built with a medium-fast action and emboldened by REC Recoil Ice Guides, the Vulcan stands as the ultimate big fish set line rod, offering unyielding might with unmatched style.

Fiberglass blank, medium-fast action

The Vulcan’s stout yet flexible fiberglass construction and medium-fast action make it the perfect ice rod for driving monster hooksets home on big fish, with the forgiveness to handle runs in shallow water.

Set Line Superiority

The Vulcan asserts its prowess in deadstick or set line ice fishing, it's the perfect custom ice rod for ensnaring unsuspecting predator fish, flawlessly pairing with iFishPro's or Finicky Foolers.

built for trophies

Empowering your battle beneath the ice, the Vulcan's incredibly strong backbone stands resilient to the most formidable predator fish like Burbot, Pike, Lake Trout, and big Walleye.

quality guaranteed

We stand behind the best ice fishing rods in the business with a 3 year warranty. If you have any problems with your rod, we will take care of you.

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