Battle of the Titans: Tuned Up Custom Rods Commander vs. Vulcan

When targeting the biggest biters with the biggest baits, your ice fishing rod choice can make or break your chances of landing a trophy fish like Lake Trout, Burbot, Walleye, and Pike. Two rods that will make the difference are the Tuned Up Custom Rods Commander and Tuned Up Custom Rods Vulcan. These two ice rods are known for their quality, performance, and precision engineering. In this blog, we'll compare the Custom Commander and the Custom Vulcan to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for your trophy fight.

Build and Construction

    The Tuned Up Custom Rods Commander and Vulcan both feature exceptional build quality, but they have some differences in construction.


    • The Commander boasts a robust construction, featuring a solid carbon ice rod blank that is both lightweight and sensitive.
    • It is known for its incredible backbone, making it an excellent choice for anglers targeting larger fish species like big walleye and pike.
    • The Commander also features titanium REC Recoil Ice guides, a comfortable handle, and a sleek titanium colored blank.


    • The Vulcan’s approach is very different but yields similar results.
    • This ice fishing rod features a stunning translucent red, solid fiberglass construction. This gives the rod a bit more forgiveness when fighting large fish with big headshakes.
    • The Vulcan is equipped with premium components, including titanium REC Recoil Ice Guides and your choice of a traditional handle or a reel seat.

    Length and Action

      Choosing the right ice fishing rod length and action is crucial for building the correct arsenal of ice fishing gear. The Commander and Vulcan offer different options to cater to various ice fishing scenarios.


      • The Commander is available in lengths from 32” to 38”.
      • This is a fact action rod, making it perfect for quick hooksets, especially in deep water. The fast action transitions into a medium to medium-heavy backbone for all the fish fighting power you could need.


      • The Vulcan is offered in slightly longer lengths from 38” to 44”.
      • The Vulcan has a revolutionary fast action on a fiberglass blank. This transitions to a medium-heavy backbone. With this combo, you get the benefits of a fast action like a carbon fiber rod and the forgiveness of a fiberglass rod.


        How and where you plan to fish, as well as what you plan to fish for should all be taken into consideration when choosing the rod that’s right for you. The Commander and Vulcan fill distinct roles in the Tuned Up Custom Rods line-up.


        • The Commander is designed to be a power walleye fishing ice rod. Perfect for aggressively jigging medium to large spoons and all minnow profile baits.
        • Because the Commander has a fast action and strong backbone, it excels at big hooksets that are often needed when fishing deep water on lakes with big predators like the flats of Mille Lacs Lake and Lake Winnipeg.


        • The Vulcan excels at fishing aggressive baits in the largest sizes, whether it be large spoons, big minnow baits, or even swim baits.
        • Being built on a fiberglass blank, the Vulcan offers more forgiveness when fighting aggressive fish, which is often the case when fishing shallow on lakes that hold large fish, such as the large shallow Pike roaming the bays of Lake of the Woods.
        • The Vulcan is also an excellent choice as a set rod or ice fishing deadstick in a device like iFishPro or Finicky Fooler.

        In the battle of the Tuned Up Custom Rods Commander vs. Vulcan, the choice ultimately depends on your specific ice fishing preferences and gear requirements. If you are looking for a power walleye rod that can fish big waters for big fish, the Commander is the perfect choice. If you are looking for a close quarter combat tool that can withstand aggressive head shakes and big runs, the Vulcan is ideal.

        Whichever rod you choose, both the Commander and Vulcan are built with impeccable craftsmanship and are sure to enhance your next ice fishing trip. It's essential to consider your fishing style, target species, and where you want to fish when making your decision. Ultimately, the right rod will help you be more successful on the ice.

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