Custom Fusion 32" Spring Bobber Neon Green Light
Custom Fusion 32" Spring Bobber Neon Green Light

Custom Fusion 32" Spring Bobber Neon Green Light

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We took our super versatile Fusion rod and made it even more usefull by pairing it with an ORIGINAL Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber in Neon Green! Now you can choose to use the Fusion as a traditional "feel" rod, or use the spring bobber to visually see the lightest bites on the smallest baits. Best of Both Worlds! We add the Ice Strong bobber to our 32" Fusion, making the total rod length 35 1/2".

Details on the Fusion Rod:

One of our most versatile rods, the Fusion is at home with panfish and walleye anglers alike. Featuring a solid carbon fiber blank for extreme sensitivity and feel. The tip of this rod has a slower action than most of our rods. It transitions to the backbone more gradually, allowing the fish more time to get the bait into its mouth before the hookset. Once the backbone is reached, there is plenty of power to haul in your next wall mount.

Details on the ORIGINAL Ice Strong Titanium Spring Bobber:

Made in Michigan! 
*.016 Single Strand, Non-Kinking, Non-Freezing Titanium
​Bright bead indicator Neon Green

Ideal for fishing panfish with 4.0-5.0mm Tungsten Jigs

These bobbers are rated for -25 degrees F without losing its shape or sensitivity, and beyond seeing the lightest bites, these bobbers are also vital to watching your jig cadence for the most finicky fish.  All made in Michigan, these are the only bobbers you will ever need and are tournament proven!  See the lightest bites!

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