Tuned Up Custom Rods Ice Rod Chart

Use this chart to help you pick the perfect rod for how you fish.


  • Lowell A Nanney

    Can I get a high viz tip on a Fusion rod?

  • Matt Ives

    Good afternoon
    I want to plunge into the custom ice rod buying and having trouble deciding which rod to pull trigger on. I want a walleye rod to fish Chaumont with which if your familiar with the area there are trophy walleye in there upwards of 10 plus lbs. I mostly use 5/16 oz spoons and number 5 jiggin raps.. however ive always been a utralight guy i love using light line and rod and want to go with ligtest action rod i can but have enough backbone to land larger walleye. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  • Lowell Nanney

    Can I get a hi viz tip on a Fusion rod?

  • David

    Let me just say that I am really impressed! Absolutely love the rods tucr make. Landed a 27.5” tiger Muskie on my 28” bullwhip today. I know that’s not a huge fish but for how sensitive this rod is you wouldn’t think it could handle it. Thumbs up on a great rod!

  • Brian Moynihan

    Where would you place the inferno on this chart and how does it differ from the full priced rods?

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