Jason Rylander

Jason Rylander is a guide for North Country Guide Service in Bemidji, MN.  He is passionate about the sport, and loves promoting the sport of fishing to people of all ages.  He fishes 12 months a year for anything and everything that swims.  Summertime you’ll find him chasing walleyes for clients and in local tournaments. He also loves chasing muskies and panfish.  In the winter you will find him going after one of his greatest passions, the burbot.  As much as possible each winter you’ll find him jigging for a fairly new past time, lake trout fishing.  Jason really enjoys more than a quick picture and release a 10’+ blue gill on the ice.   


When asked why Jason chooses TUCR, “I love the quality and variety of rods TUCR offers.  They have helped design and build me a rod that will specifically fit any technique or species that I am after.  From long rods I use for creek chubs to a heavy rod for chasing muskies, to endless winter short rod options from the lightest of options for panfish to heavy rods for lake trout and sturgeon, I know that TUCR will be me the highest quality product to help service me and my clientele.”