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If trophies are your goal, the Commander is the rod for you. Designed to be at home on the big waters of the north. The Commander is built on a solid carbon fiber blank and features a surprisingly reactive tip capable of fishing medium spoons all the way up to the largest minnow profile baits. Once you reach the backbone you find the true power of this rod. The Commander can handle even the largest fish under the ice. Built on a stunning titanium chrome-colored blank and wrapped in ghost grey with a blue metallic trim band.


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the commander

command your catch

The workhorse for every serious walleye angler across the ice belt for the past decade, the Commander is the ultimate all around walleye rod. Perfect for working spoons and minnow baits of all sizes with its fast aggressive tip, with a solid Carbon Fiber blank that can handle the biggest predator fish under the ice.

Fast, Aggressive Tip

With a tip designed for both speed and aggression, this rod ensures powerful hooksets every time, granting you full control whether you're using standard medium-sized spoons or targeting the big ones with large profile baits

The ultimate walleye rod

The Commander is your trusted partner in the pursuit of walleye. With its fast tip and sturdy backbone, it's a jack of all trades walleye rod whether you're after the elusive giants or the crafty regulars.

Titanium Toughness

At the heart of the Commander lies its solid gloss titanium carbon fiber blank, engineered for exceptional durability and power.

quality guaranteed

We stand behind the best ice fishing rods in the business with a 3 year warranty. If you have any problems with your rod, we will take care of you.

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